[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]



Evin Prison Fruit Shop

Date:  2/12/1359 [21 February 1981]

Account of Farhang Mavaddat

Number [illegible]

Ward 1


Item Oranges              Number [illegible]                    Price 300         Total----

Item Apples                 Number [illegible]                    Price 200         Total----

Item----                                    Number----                              Price----           Total 500

[Handwritten note at the margin of the page]

Sample receipt for fruit purchased from the prison [shop] by the family for the inmate

Evin Prison

Date:  18/11/1359 [7 February 1981]

Number:  7042

Farhang Mavaddat

Sum of 1400 Rial to be given to Mr. [illegible] was received by the spouse of the inmate in ward 1.

Name of the receiver 

Signature: [signature]

Note:  Please be careful not to lose the receipt.

[Handwritten note at the margin of the page]

Sample: Receipt of funds for the inmate’s weekly expenses.