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The Judiciary

Court of Administrative Justice

Receipt of Claim


It is hereby acknowledged that the claim of Bashir Dana, son of Vahid, regarding [his] request for facilitation versus the Ministry of Science and Research, was received on 16 Ordibehesht 1386 [6 May 2007], at 8:40:34 a.m. It was registered as number 8570 and forwarded to Branch 2 of the Preliminary Court of Administrative Justice.

Secretariat of Court of Administrative Justice



  • Pay proper attention to the safekeeping of this receipt; a duplicate will not be issued.
  • In-person investigation of the complaint will depend on presentation of the receipt or registration number.
  • Response will only be given to the complainant, their lawyer or legal guardian.  
  • Investigation at the Court of Administrative Justice will be in absentia, please contact the proper branch by phone after the branch is determined.
  • In case a review of the verdict by the Court of Administrative Justice is requested, a review branch will be determined one month following the registration of complaint.

Court phone number: 55609031 - 8