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Judicial System

Court of Administrative Justice

Receipt of Petition Form


It is hereby announced that the petition of Azin Abyar, son of Habibollah, on the subject of “granting facilities” against the plaintiff, Ministry of Science and Higher Education was received on 3 Tir 1386 [24 June 2007] at 11: 04: 19. After being registered with general number 18529, it was referred to Branch 2 of the Preliminary Court.

Secretariat of the Court of Administrative Justice



- Keep this receipt form safe and secure. Another receipt will not be issued again.

- The personal follow-up of the complaint is subject to the submission of this receipt or provision of its general registration number.

- The court’s response will be given only to the plaintiff, plaintiff’s lawyer or legal representative of the plaintiff.

- The proceedings in the Court of Administrative Justice took place in absentia. After determining the branch, make a telephone call to the relevant branch.

- In case of an appeal of the rulings issued by the Court of Administrative Justice, the investigating branch will be determined one month after the filing of the petition.


Telephone number of the Court: 55609031-8