[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 23 Khordad 1362 [13 June 1983]

Number 61/M/24598


From: Central Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office (Execution of Orders)

To: Qasr Prison

Subject: Pronouncement of Verdict

We are hereby informing [you] that according to judgment 1028/D-M-K of Branch 10 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, further endorsed by the High Court of Qom, Mr. Rashid Goshtasb, son of Kayghobad, is sentenced, with one degree reduction, to six years binding imprisonment, minus [pre-trial] days in custody, and confiscation of properties, for promoting the unofficial and illegal ideology of the perverse and misguided Baha'i sect and reproduction of their documents and materials. Please inform the named individual of the verdict and inform this court of the results.

Judicial Assistant of the Central Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office

Situated at Ghoddousi crossroad – Eshraghi