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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Rasa News Agency

[Date:] 7 Ordibehesht 1399 [26 April 2020]


As Long as Blood Runs in Muslims’ Veins, They Will Prevent the Domination of Baha’is

One of the most important concerns of the late Falsafi was the expansion of Baha’i activities during the Pahlavi era. After Shahrivar 1320 [September 1941], this sect, with the support of the regime―and later in possession of a lot of funds provided by the Zionist regime―tried to deviate the young people from their religious beliefs and weaken Islam. The late Falsafi severely rebuked the shah for not preventing the spread and influence of the Baha’is in government and for selecting a Baha’i named Dr. Ayadi as his special physician. Ayatollah Borujerdi had said in a letter to the late Falsafi, “The strengthening and influence of this sect is based on a predetermined plan and is completely deliberate; there is no point in discussing it.” The late Falsafi conveyed Ayatollah Borujerdi’s complaint about the expansion of Baha’i activities to the shah and government officials, and Dr. Mossadegh sarcastically said to him, “In his view, both Baha’is and Muslims are from the same nation and they are not different!”

The late Falsafi, with the permission of Ayatollah Borujerdi, decided to expose the nature and purpose of the Baha’is on the radio.

On the late Falsafi’s speech against the Baha’is, SAVAK reported, “With respect, it is hereby conveyed that... Falsafi... went to the pulpit in Azizollah Mosque and said, ‘Some Baha’is, who are not allowed anywhere in the world, have infiltrated everything and want to destroy the Quran and Islam, so it is incumbent upon you people to fight them and destroy them.’”

… In another report, SAVAK wrote about Falafi’s speech at the house of Ayatollah Behbahani, “Falsafi has gone to the pulpit and said, ‘Baha’is and Jews are trying to dominate the Islamic country, but as long as blood runs in Muslims’ veins, they will not allow them to achieve their goals!” in this way, SAVAK tried by various means to prevent Falsafi’s fights and activities against Baha’is, and banned him from going to the pulpit.

The late Falsafi’s struggles against Baha’is caused their constant hostility towards him and they tried in every possible way to prevent his speeches and exposures. Although the struggles of the late Falsafi and his associates, due to the shah’s and the government’s dependence on foreigners, could not completely stop the activities of the Baha’is, [they] diminished their influence. In particular, it made people aware of their operations. Finally, by the victory of the revolution, Baha’i activities were terminated. …