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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Rasa News Agency

[Date:] 18 Shahrivar 1383 [8 September 2004]


Ayatollah Madani Exposes Hypocrisy

...Fight With Baha’ism:

In the Islamic world, the British colonialists sowed the ill-fated seeds of Baha’ism, and its seedlings grew in the mantle of the sceptics. The hidden hands of this Faith spread in Islamic countries, especially those [with] Shiite [regions], and with the arrival of foreign culture and the return of Westernized intellectuals from their fostering place, the influence of this anti-religious belief reached its peak.

Reza Khan and other Western agents in Iran pushed the promoters of Baha’ism to defeat Islam, especially the life-giving Shiite school. In a short time, the Baha’i capitalists in Azerbaijan, especially around Tabriz, took control of the province’s vast industries, including power plants. The seizure of economic arteries on a daily basis exposed the intellectual and ideological doubts of the Shiite labourers working in this centre.

At that time, Ayatollah Madani was engaged in studying and scientific discussions in the seminary of Qom and could not stand the turmoil in the region. He immediately left for his hometown. With conviction and faith in the school and a heart full of anger towards the enemy, he began his fight against the Baha’is. Mr. Borujerdi says, “He feels that the main birthplace (Azarshahr) is in danger of being economically besieged by the perverse Baha’i sect―that is, this colonial Zionist profession and ideology―and that the sensitive centres of the city, such as the power plant, etc., have fallen into their hands.”

Therefore, with [his] fiery statements, [he] mobilized the people against them to the extent that [they] boycotted the electric [power] and the people used oil lamps. More importantly, Azarshahr, which is located close to Tabriz, supplied a large amount of bread to Tabriz at that time.

By the order of that nobleman, people refused to sell bread and the necessities of life to this misguided sect, and [the Baha’is] were forced to emigrate from this religious Islamic city. In this way, the fever of anti-Baha’i struggles arose.

All these incidents were followed up by the police headquarters of the time, and martyr Madani became known as the sole perpetrator of all anti-Baha’i provocations. As a result, he was exiled to Hamadan. But the uprising of his honour bears fruit. The people did not stop fighting and finally saved this religious city from the filth of this colonial Zionist sect....