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[Adapted from website:] Rasa News Agency

[Date:] 2 Ordibehesht 1394 [22 April 2015]


Cultural Official of Seminary Sisters of Bushehr:

Feiz Nour Instructor Training Course is held

Rasa News Agency – The cultural official of the Seminary Sisters of Bushehr said that the training course for Feiz Nour instructors for students and academics of the Bushehr Seminary will be held on 3 and 4 Ordibehesht [23 and 24 April].

In an interview with a reporter of Rasa News Agency in Bushehr, Sedigheh Hamidifard, cultural official of the Bushehr Sisters’ Seminary, said “The short-term training course for Feiz Nour instructors for level 3 graduates, employees studying at level 3, seminary professors and top missionaries, will be held on 3 and 4 Ordibehesht [23 and 24 April], with the aim of removing doubts and [developing] students’ practical familiarity with doctrinal topics for effective presence in cyberspace.”

She added, “The training course for Feiz Nour instructors consists of three levels: short-term, long-term and supplementary. In the short term, the disciplines of Christianity, antiquity, Zoroastrianism, pseudo-mysticism, Sufism and Ahl-i-Haqq[1], Wahhabism and Baha’ism will be studied and analyzed.”

About the objectives of this course, the cultural official of Bushehr Sisters’ Seminary stated, “The output of these courses will be training a capable preacher and instructor to answer doubts in the field of sects and religions, strengthening and upgrading the beliefs of instructors and empowering them to propagate Islamic knowledge.”

She continued, “Among the other aims of this course are empowering the beliefs and promoting the level of religious beliefs of the society in the face of the harms of existing sects and religions, localization of educators according to the needs of the province, creating and expanding a specialized network of propaganda, and disseminating activities in cyberspace.”

Hamidifard pointed out, “Practical acquaintance with specialized topics of religions, sects, beliefs and false mysticism, the ability [to engage in] specialized skepticism, a certificate of participation in the course and a licence to work as an instructor, [as well as] activity in the virtual network of Feiz Nour instructors and ... are the highlights of this course for the participants.”

The cultural official of Bushehr Sisters’ Seminary stated, “The duration of this course is two days, (20 hours of skill training), during which the desired topics are taught by the lecturers sent from Qom, and at the end, participants are tested and the best ones will be invited to attend a long-term course.”

She said that115 student sisters of Bushehr Province will participate in this course, which will be held in the Al-Zahra Seminary in Bushehr.



[1] [Ahl-i-Ḥaqq: Ahl-i-Ḥaqq or Yarisan is a syncretic religion. Ahl-i-Ḥaqq "People of Truth" are a religious group primarily found in western Iran and eastern Iraq, and are mostly ethnic Goran Kurds]