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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Rasa News Agency

[Date:] 15 Esfand 1387 [5 March 2009]


Expert in Bahaism Issue:

A modern and organized system must be designed in order to fight Bahaism

Rasa, Cultural Service- The expert in Bahaism said: “Members of the Baha’i sect whose attendance at their meetings is not sufficient will be punished.”

Hojatoleslam Sajjadi, an expert in Bahaism stated in an interview with a Rasa reporter: “Bahaism is an organized group and in order to fight it, we need a modern and organized system.”

He continued: “In fighting this sect, we should be persistent and consider the impact of our actions, in order to achieve results.”

The expert in Bahaism confirmed: “The challenge of fighting Bahaism is not simply an internal one, because there are 200 National Assemblies active in the world and in countries such as Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, European countries and even America.”

Hojatoleslam Sajjadi stated: “We have to have a long-term program in which everyone’s responsibilities are well defined in order to approach this issue properly.”

He also emphasized: “Based on the analysis of 200 issues related to sects and traditions that I have carried out in the country, the most dangerous one that can influence our basic beliefs is Bahaism.”

Hojatoleslam Sajjadi admitted: “We are slow to react to activities of Bahaism; besides, we do not need a widespread program to face a problem posed by 180,000 individuals.”

This expert in Bahaism affirmed: “Members of the Baha’i sect whose attendance at their meetings is not sufficient will be punished.”

He also added: “Punishment in Bahaism has bad consequences, such as discontinuation of administrative and spiritual services, and even seizure of property.  Therefore, the members do not dare to recant.”