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[Adapted from website:] Rasa News Agency

[Date:] 21 Esfand 1387 [11 March 2009]


Expert on The Baha’i Sect Issues: Baha’ism Movement is Interested in Making News

Rasa, the Cultural Service – The expert on Baha’ism issues said, “Baha’ism believes it is the modern contemporary religion.”

The following matters for the information of esteem readers are the first part of the conversation about the nature of the Baha’i sect with Hojatoleslam Sajjadi, the Baha’i expert.

Rasa: Mr. Sajjadi, please describe the Baha’i sect organization.

The Baha’i members when reach the age of twenty-one become responsible for a covenant, and the form of registration of the Baha’i Covenant is with the Baha’i sect central assembly.

The structure of the centre of the [Baha’i] cause is such that each city has several Baha’is and one assembly, now it may have several assemblies based on the population of a city. These Assemblies, which are in different cities, are under the control of a central assembly. This centre is in a place where there is a larger Baha’i population. The members, according to them localities, are in a way connected with the assembly, and the assembly is connected with the central assembly, the central assemblies are connected with a nationwide institution called the National Assembly, the National Assembly with the Continental Counsellors and the Continental Counsellor Centre with the Israeli House of Justice.

Rasa: So it seems that we are dealing with an organization?

Yes. First, we are dealing with an organization that has a charter, not a free current with no programs; second, Baha’ism says that We believe in all the scriptures as they are; in the Bible, the Torah and the Quran, as well as the Bayan and in Aqdas; so, working with this administration, though full of contradictions; but it must be with a well compiled plan.

Rasa: What the main task of Baha’ism is and their method of planning?

The Baha’i sect launched the House of Justice in 1342 [1963] and introduced nine people to the Baha’i community and by planning a conference in the UK, they got the Baha’is of Iran and Pakistan to go to United Kingdom. The late Imam attacked the conference that why you paid the Baha’is five hundred dollars each, so that they to work in Britain against the Shia. Baha’ism have officially declared their existence in 1342 [1963].

Rasa: Are the members of House of Justice Iranian?

In the beginning they were mostly Iranians; but currently there are only three Iranians.

Rasa: Do they have a base in Latin America?

Yes. They also have bases there; but their most important base is in Chicago, USA, and a person named Farzaneh Arbab [sic] leads it. He has many political, scientific, media and communications chairs. He is a dangerous human being with very influential people who support him.

Rasa: Does he operate through a university?

Yes. This person has designed several universities in the world.

Rasa: Why Baha’ism is so much interested in making news?

This is one of the smallest features of an organization. Suppose there are two hundred students in the school, where one of them is a Baha’i if you dare to expel that Baha’i student. If you expel a Christian, it does not have that impact.

Rasa: How do they run this media system?

The Assemblies have committees; that is, each Assembly has several functions, and the name of each team is committee. For example, the Proclamation committee and the Teaching committee which may have up to fifty committees. The Assembly divides the responsibility of the committees according to the abilities of the individuals, and you are to submit a report to the Assembly. Then and there the issue is raised that a Baha’i student has been expelled from school. An emergency meeting is held immediately and one of the committees that has the responsibility to follow up the problems of its members and the media sit together and for example, write five hundred letters, [addressed to] the mayor, the Friday prayer leader and the international circles. Whoever they feel needs to know, they write a letter to say that human rights are not respected in Iran, suddenly a small issue becomes a very vital media issue.

Rasa: So, Baha’is prefer to be deprived of some social activities to show it is oppressed?

Baha’ism tells its followers; they do not let you go to high school or university, this does not matter, this is our heart’s desire. In fact, after expulsion, in which university are you interested to study at, and finally they give an international visa to their followers, in some countries you are not even inspected. You go to Japan with the same visa from there your visa is stamped for Canada, you do not need to go to the embassy.

Rasa: Does this current also pursue political goals?

It seems that interfering in political affairs is forbidden in Baha’ism. Abbas Effendi says if you want to compare the Baha’i sect adherents, see how far they are from politics; because the purity of being a Baha’i is that one does not interfere in political affairs. But the Baha’i sect movement is inherently a political movement and the two cannot be separated.

Rasa: What is the optimum goal of Baha’ism that they have envisioned for themselves?

A Baha’i says, we must achieve world government. A Baha’i says, we are the real Shias and the Lord of the Age will come to spread justice in the world.

Rasa: Thank you Sir, for participating in this conversation.