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[Adapted from website:] Rasa News Agency

[Date:] 26 Bahman 1390 [15 February 2012]


A Special Meeting for Sectology Will Be Held in Tabriz

Rasa News Agency - A special meeting on Mahdism entitled “Sectology and Analysis of Perverse Baha’i Beliefs” will be held at the Ayatollah Angaji Mosque in Tabriz.

According to the correspondent of Rasa News Agency in Tabriz, “The series of meetings on Mahdism of the Cultural Foundation of and Charity of the Nimeh Sha’ban [Mid-Sha’ban] Ayatollah Angaji Mosque will continue with the presence of Hojjat’ul-Islam val-Muslemin, Ali-Reza Rouzbehani, one of the experts in the field of Mahdism, and Ata’ullah Ghaderi, one of the repudiators of the perverse Baha’i sect, tomorrow, 27 Bahman [16 February], in Tabriz.

The general public can attend this special meeting, which will be held in the presence of the experts and scholars in the field of Mahdism, tomorrow after Maghrib and Isha prayers at 7:00 p.m. at the Ayatollah Angaji Mosque, located in the alley of Jomhoury-e Eslami Street.

According to this report, this special meeting on the subject of sectology will be held in continuation of the monthly meetings of Mahdism in Tabriz, with the help of the Cultural and Charitable Foundation of Ayatollah Angaji Mosque in Tabriz, with scholars from the seminary and the university.

It should be noted that the Mid-Sha’ban Foundation of Ayatollah Angaji Mosque in Tabriz, in addition to holding these Mahdavi meetings, has one of the specialized libraries of Mahdism, and the general public can benefit from its resources.

The publication of Mahdavi books, the publication of special letters, the holding of scientific and jurisprudential congresses, as well as the promotion of the level of religious and epistemological insight of the citizens of Tabriz, are among the most important goals of the Mid-Sha’ban Foundation of Ayatollah Angaji Mosque in Tabriz.

It is worth mentioning that those interested in receiving more information about the activities of this foundation can go to the address: http://www.shamsevelayat.com.