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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ramz-e Taraghi

[Date:] 30 Ordibehesht 1334 [21 May 1955]

[Issue No.:] 34


For the Attention of Honourable Scholars, Hojjatol-Eslams and Erudite and Valiant Preachers

In the fight against Baha’ism, which is only for the sake of religion, honour and advancement of Islam, one would not trust the [incendiary] rumours and the fake and biased news, since it would neutralize and nullify the effects of the struggles. The Muslim nation of Iran, by starting this holy and passionate struggle to pound the treacherous Baha’i band, has so far brought about favourable and effective results. Oftentimes, the disruptors and the corrupt elements and those who do not want this great and sacred religious movement to bear definite and inevitable fruits, embark on dispensing poison, which must be prevented by any faithful, awakened, Muslim believer.

We do not and cannot have the slightest doubt about the good will and interest of the preachers fighting against the Baha’is, as this movement was strengthened by their profound and eloquent statements and thus expanded. Therefore, occasionally, when explaining the events and mentioning facts, hints are made that are partial and biased, they must be considered false indoctrinations of the elements that do not want the fight against Baha’ism to succeed.

He also gave some statements about Baha’ism to some prominent ministry figures (masculine).

I heard that such a situation has recently emerged at the Mosque of Arg. That is, one of the preachers, during his statements, [indicated that] some of the outstanding personages of the ministries were Baha’is, which is not true. At the end of his speech, while leaving the mosque, a number of the present participants, who were well acquainted with those accused individuals, approached the preacher and questioned him regarding the proof of his allegations. This preacher, who was possibly Mr. Ansari, [responded], “I have heard”, and since he did not have any proof, the audience [told] him that he should confess from the pulpit that his statements had not been based on any proof, and they were only hearsay; otherwise, there would be no other alternative than to distribute a circular describing the matter, because fighting against Baha’ism should not become the cause of solving personal problems and accusing and staining those who, in fact, were rendering services.

Seemingly, Mr. Ansari had promised to [correct] what he had said about the subject from the pulpit, the very next day. Unfortunately, he did not keep his promise. As we have investigated, the source of Mr. Ansari’s statements in accusing those individuals of Baha’ism was the colleagues of those accused who had administrative problems with them and had instructed Mr. Ansari incorrectly. We regret that Mr. Ansari has been [disseminating] such untrue statements. In any case, because we are interested in the fundamental, logical and legal fight with the defunct, illegal and impure Baha’i band, and out of our love for the glory and purity of sacred religion of Islam, which is our official religion—and we are proud of it—we found it necessary to mention [this], and we hope those honourable preachers will be aware that those who are against our sacred movement will take advantage of these statements to disrupt our struggle.