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ARDO Industries Company


Date: 18 Mehr 61 [10 October 1982]

Number ----------


Mr. Rahmatollah Safi-Ardestani


Although you have shown diligence and competency in advancing the affairs of the company, economizing expenses and [have also] shown [yourself to be of] high morals and good character, we must terminate your employment effective 17/7/61 [8 December 1982] because of Directive Number 20261 date 16/9/60 [26 November 1981] from the Department of Labour and Social Affairs regarding the dismissal of Baha’is, who, according to Islamic consensus of Muslims, are perceived to be outside the religion of Islam.


Human Resources - Abbaspour

ARDO Industries Company (Private joint-stock)



Factory’s address: Karaj old road- Shahabad Cartonsazi Street Kargaran street, telephone 961046-7


[Writing in English]

[Emblem of ARDEL Industries group]

Tehran: Enghelab Street- across from Lalezarno- Number 577

Post Box 443 Tehran

Telephone 821480

Telegraph Ardel company

Telex 212963 Adel air