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Dear Mr. Deputy

The letter from the Ministry of Roads and the attached copy of it relates to a question that Dr. E‘tebar asked the Prime Minister, and he must present himself at the Parliament [Majlis] to hear the reply. However, part of Dr. E‘tebar’s question is related to the incident in Shahroud. We have not yet received a complete report on that from the Ministry of Justice.

[Signature], 16 Aban 1323[7 November 1944]


[Handwritten note 1:] Please also complete [illegible] immediately so that it may be presented to the Prime Minister. 16 Aban 1323 [7 November 1944]

[Handwritten note 2:] Dr. Fatemi, please keep it in the special file for now. 28 Aban 1323 [19 November 1944]

[Handwritten note 3:] Mr. Farivar, please keep it. 30 Aban 1323 [21 November 1944]

[Handwritten note 4:] To be filed at this time. 16 Bahman 1323 [5 February 1944]