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Number: 787

Date: 27/12/1360 [18 March 1982]


Mottahedin All Female University


In the Name of God, the Exalted

In the Name of God, the Exalted


Ms. Mahnaz Rezvani


In reference to your letter dated 20/12/1360 [11 March 1982] stating that you are not a member of “a perverse sect,” this is to inform you that according to your own correspondence whereby you have stated that you are an adherent to the Baha’i religion [sic], firstly, please tell us who is the Prophet Founder of this ‘Faith?’ Secondly, all major Islamic religions, including the Shia school, consider Bahaism—for various reasons such as their understanding of the Prophethood, guardianship of the Imams, laws and religious edicts, which are not driven from the Quran and tradition—to be a sect.


If you are interested in further discussion, we invite you to come to the university.

[signature over official stamp]

Management Council of University Jihad


All Female University

Mottahedin University