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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Quds Online

[Date:] 8 Ordibehesht 1397 [28 April 2018]


Hojatoleslam Dr. Nasouri: Today, the Baha’is Have Officially Entered the War Against Islam

Quds Online / Nazli Morovvat: Hojatoleslam Dr. [Mohammad] Nasouri, a member of the faculty of the Mahdism Centre, said, “Mahdism is a principle in the subject of the Imams, and for this reason, like everything that we see in the market, along with the original, some people have presented its alternative [fake] to the audience.”

Referring to the anti-religious activities of colonialism, he said that he considered focusing on the issue of Mahdism to be one of its strategies. He said, “Colonialism in Islamic countries operates in five ways. In the first step, it creates governments; that is, by training the people who are in the top [position] of that country, it advances its own plans and goals. This happened during the second Pahlavi era; Hoveyda was apparently a Baha’i; he headed the government for nearly 14 years, and most of his ministers were Baha’is…”

Dr. Nasouri described this colonial model as a plan for the formation of Baha’ism. He said, “This colonial plan happened for the Baha’is. Colonialism changes the rules and beliefs of the Baha’is according to the time. It turns out, then, that they have no particular doctrinal basis and that political motive lies behind their movement. In this regard, Tony Blair said that after the issue of nuclear energy, the greatest issue that threatens Iran is the human rights issue and the Baha’i Faith is the best example.”

Emphasizing that we should not neglect cyberspace and the media, he added, “Today, the Baha’is have officially entered the war against Islam and removed their cultural mask.” Although Baha’ism has no cultural or religious content to present, it makes good use of the publishing tools.

This researcher of Mahdism stated, “They create attractiveness in the media under their control by removing red tape, such as male-female relations [sic], and when they attract their audience, they present themselves as a religion and the majority.” He added, “Baha’is usually do not attend the scientific gatherings, but [they] use our ignorance and go to the marginalized and the deprived ones and attract them. In my opinion, the Baha’i Faith is more of a media commotion than a religious movement.”

Deciphering the secret of the Baha’is’ hatred of the Islamic Republic, he [said], “Baha’ism is only a fabricated sect. They believe that the origin of their Prophet and their Gods is in Iran. They have a special view of this land and consider it their promised land, like the Zionists’ view of Palestine.” Dr. Nasouri added, “This sect considers Mahdism and the Islamic Revolution as a serious obstacle to their growth and development, and for this reason, they have engaged in a practical and media confrontation with the Islamic Republic, because the establishment of the Islamic Republic upset the equations of colonialism ....”