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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs 

In the Name of God

Date: 17/9/1360 [8 December 1981]

Number: 20361

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Labour and Social Affairs - Head Office

Office of Labour and Social Affairs

Punishment for membership in a perverse sect which is considered by Muslims to be outside of Islam, or membership in organisations in whose constitutions divine religions have been denied, is permanent termination from government services in accordance with Section 8 [illegible] of the Human Resource Restructure Act.  By virtue of Section 58 of the said Act, this is applicable to all employees of government organisations, factories, banks, companies, [and] semi-government organisations, either confiscated or nationalised.  The authorities [illegible] different [illegible] must refrain from [illegible] those whose membership in the perverse sect and the abovementioned organisations is certain. K

Hasan Motamed Rezai

Deputy supervisor of work relations [signature]

Copy to: all subsidiary companies - Khodro Group Industry, steel industry to advise their subsidiaries

Head of the Board of Directors [signature]

Behrouz Shojaan

[Official stamp with number and date]

Iran’s Wood and Paper industry

Number 3834 Date: 5/10/1360 [26 December 1981]

Iranian Development and Renovation Organisation of Iran (IDRO)

Number 1232/91877 [date] 23/9/1360 [14 December 1981]

[Illegible stamp]

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