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From: The Public Places Supervision Office of Mazandaran Province

To: Esteemed Head of Police Station 11 of the City of Sari – Security

Subject: Order of the honourable Judicial Authority


With greetings,

With reference to Number 95/8884/230229/17, dated 13 Bahman 1395 [1 February 2017], I would respectfully inform you that the complainant Kamaloddin Akbari is the business owner of the Turnery Jam, located in Jam Street, Sari, in the form of a radio and television station, and is from the Baha’i sect. On 11 Aban 1395 [1 November 2016] under the pretext of Eid [Feast] and a Baha’i holiday, along with other Baha’i businessmen throughout the province, he arbitrarily closed his business unit with the aim of resisting the regime’s legal actions during the days of mourning and captivity of the Alollah [family of God].

Since his and his co-religionists’ measures were not unprecedented, the Provincial Security Council, during a meeting on 9 Aban 1395 [30 October 2016], approved the decision to seal the business units of the members of the mentioned [religious] sect, in case they were to close their places of business. Subsequent to the approval of this decree, in a comprehensive and nationwide action, all the colleagues in the Public Places Supervision Office in provinces and cities were instructed to seal the places of their businesses. [Similarly,] the business units of the complainant were also sealed due to the arbitrary closure and for implementation by this office of the Security Council resolution.

The process used was announced for [illegible].

Head of the Office of Public Places Supervision

Colonel Safari

From Major [illegible]