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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Interior

Provincial Government of Sistan and Balouchestan


Date: 20/12/1357 [11 March 1979]

Reference Number: 703-1-127/17




To: Governorate of Chahbahr



With reference to letter number 3752, dated 17/12/1357 [8 March 1979], concerning Mr. Mohammad Taab, employee of the Governorate, it has repeatedly been announced by the Central Committee of the Islamic Revolution and through public broadcasting that local [revolutionary] committees have been forbidden from interfering with the appointments, dismissals, and affairs of the government departments; therefore, in this case, if the Governorate is satisfied with the services of the above-mentioned [employee] and his services are needed, we [the provincial government] has no objection to his continuing with his work.

Acting Deputy of Political, Administrative and Development Affairs of the Provincial Government,


Mohammad Ibrahim Akbari [Signature]

Copy to recipients:

Employee of the Governorate of Chahbahr, Mr. Mohammad Taab, for information and return to place of employment