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To Dr. Baniasadi, Executive Minister for Consultative Affairs

15 Mehr 1358 [7 October 1979]


I, Tahereh Berjis, paediatrician, graduated in America and started practicing medicine as a supervisor in the Children’s Ward at the Misaghieh Hospital in Bahman 1355 [January/February 1977]. During this time, under the supervision of the hospital’s board of directors, I have carried out my duties with the utmost diligence and honesty.

As you are aware, this hospital was previously operated by the Baha’i community; however, the Foundation for the Poor recently took control of it.  

On Sunday, 25 Shahrivar 1358 [16 September 1979], Dr. Sadeghi, who is now in charge of the hospital, informed me orally that the new board of directors of the hospital was not in favour of working with me, owing to my religious belief in, and adherence to, the Baha’i Faith. This [statement] was confirmed in our meeting, [where] he vehemently insulted my religious beliefs and [declared] that my contract with the former board of directors was not legally valid. Incidentally, he was not willing to give any written evidence regarding this matter. It is to be noted that this is the situation for all medical practitioners who are Baha’is in the Misaghieh Hospital, most of whom hold medical specialities of various types. 

This action is an obvious insult to the medical profession, as the oath taken by medical practitioners is independent from religious beliefs. Given the dire need of the community for medical services, this action is anti-revolutionary and contravenes Article 26 of the recent Constitution of the country.

I therefore request that orders be issued to investigate this matter, to prevent the violation of the rights of medical practitioners who have faithfully made their specialities available to their fellow citizens.

Thanking you in advance for your action in this matter.

With regards,

Dr. Berjis


Dr. Tahereh Berjis

Telephone [redacted]


[Copy to] the Office of the Prime Minister

15 Mehr 1385 [7 October 1979]