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Islamic Republic of Iran


National Lands and Deeds Registry Office

Head Office of Lands and Deeds Registry, Hormozgan Province


In the Name of God


Date: 11/12/1370 [1 March 1982]

Number: 24625



The Holy month of Ramadan is near; strengthen yourselves with spiritual powers during this month.

His Holiness “Imam Khomeini”

Notary Publics Offices, Numbers 4-6-8-9-10-11 Bandar-e Abbas, and 14 Bandar-e Khamir


Since by virtue of Judgments number 1703 – 15/4/1370 [6 July 1991] and 23100 – 20/6/1370 [11 September 1991] of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Hormozgan Province and Branch 1 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran, the entirety of lots numbers 1157/1 and 1157 and 153/5 in the name of Mr. Mahmoud Rafati and his children and his heirs have been confiscated to the benefit of the Division in Charge of Enforcing the Imam’s Orders, Hormozgan Office.  All previous deeds have been rendered null, and new deeds have been issued in the name of the Division in Charge of Enforcing the Imam’s Order, Hormozgan Province.  In the event that the previous owners refer to that office, please seize the previous deeds and submit them to this office in order that we may cancel them.


Mohammad Tib-Soltani

Registry Head, Bandar Abbas County