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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Interior Affairs

East Azarbaijan Province

Governorate of Bostanabad


Date: 1/2/1381 [21April 2002]

Number: 101/1 / M

Enclosure: ------


[Stamp:] Confidential


In the Name of God


The Secretariat of the Committee for Investigation and Enforcement of the Constitution, Presidential Appointed Commission

Greetings and Regards


[We] refer to your letter 1153 /m/h gh, dated 26/10/1380, [16 January, 2002], enclosing the complaint by Faizollah Varghaei, Firouz Kazempour, Ali Vosoughi, former residents of the village of Motnegh, [and advise that] according to a report from the investigations conducted by the members of the [local] Islamic Council and the local elders, the above named individuals migrated from the village before the Islamic Revolution, and the lands in their possession were managed by their brothers, Sadegh Varghaei, Mirza-Aqa Kazempur, and Ali Vosoughi, who were Baha’is.


The report also indicates that one or two years after the Islamic Revolution, Hojjatol- Islam Modarres, the Friday Prayer Leader [Imam] of Bostanabad at that time, wrote a letter in which, in addition to stating that it is not possible that non-Muslims and Muslims can live together [in harmony], he faced Baha’is with the two options of either converting to Islam or emigrating, of which the above- mentioned chose the second option and left the village.


According to statements [in the above-mentioned report], for two years Hojjatol- Islam Modarres gave the above lands for lease and after a few years the Revolutionary Court then did the same for several years.  Eventually, Mr Najafi, the head of the court and the head of the executive committee for executing the commands of Imam Khomeini, put the land into auction for the villagers in Motnegh. This is for your information. 31/2




Governor of Bostanabad



[Official stamp with number and date]