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Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor


Date -----

Number [illegible]

Enclosure 31204


In the Name of God

On 29 Tir 1373 [20 July 1994], Branch number 3 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran, presided over by the undersigned, held a special session in order to carry out the order of the Sublime Leadership dated 16/6/1368 [7 September 1989], file 1/39186 to 69/2087, and to make a final decision about the possessions of Amir Haji Bashiri, son of Agha Ali, holder of identification number [redacted], issued from zone 1 of Sari, and Shawkat Edalati and daughter of Ibrahim, identification number [redacted], issued from Babol.

Procedural synopsis: According to the case documents, and the request dated 11/4/1373 [2 July 1994] from the Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Tehran, the above-mentioned are Iranian members of the perverse Baha’i sect who have left the Islamic motherland and sought residence in foreign countries. [Their remaining belongings consist of a building located [redacted]. The above-mentioned building is mortgaged to Sepah Bank for nine hundred thousand Rial and is now held under the Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor. After routine investigation, and following publication of a summons to said individuals in a widely circulated newspaper of the Islamic Republic on 27/10/1372 [17 January 1994], no one has come forward.  To determine the disposition of [these] remaining possessions, the file was submitted to the esteemed Head of the Islamic Revolutionary Courts of Tehran, on 28/4/1373 [19 July 1994] and forwarded to this Branch. After reviewing the contents of the file, the Court pronounced the case closed and issued the following verdict.


Court Verdict

Amir Haji Bashiri, son of Aqa Ali, and his wife, Shawkat Edalati, daughter of Ibrahim, are members of the perverse Baha’i sect and are associated with International Zionism, and have been residing in foreign countries for years. According to the letter dated 19/3/1372 [9 June 1993] from the Document Bureau of the Ministry of Information, their membership in the above-mentioned perverse sect is confirmed, and they were summoned through a widely circulated newspaper of the Islamic Republic, but failed to appear before the expiration of the time limit. Therefore, by virtue of the order dated 17/7/1370 [9 October 1991] from the Supreme Leader, and in light of their exclusion from the protections of the Islamic Republic, the Order approves the confiscation of the above-mentioned properties, along with any properties discovered in the future, for the benefit of the Executive Headquarters of the Command of the Imam; (may the Mercy of God be upon him), with regard to the rights of the mortgagee, Sepah Bank. This Verdict is enforceable upon approval of the esteemed head of Branch 1 of The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice of Tehran, Mr Nayyeri. H

Sharia Judge of Branch Three of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice, Tehran

[Stamp:] Certified Copy