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“I caution thee to fear Allah and manage your affairs with piety” - Imam Ali (peace be upon Him)



1-Visitation rights will only be given to immediate family members (father, mother, sister, spouse, brother and children).

2-The family of the detainee is responsible to keep and protect the admission card. In case of loss, a new card will not be issued.

3-No visit shall be permitted without the card, under any circumstances.

4-A photo birth certificate identification will be required along with the card.

5-This card has no other value other than for visiting purposes.

Adelabad Prison – Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Shiraz, Ward Four


In the Name of God

Prisons must turn to universities

(Imam Khomeini)


Visiting Card

Name: Parviz  

Family: Goharriz                    

Father’s name: Shabanali         


Accusation: Perverse Baha’i Sect

Visitors and their relationship:

Masoumeh Goharriz – Mother

Fetneh Samandari – Wife

Parvaneh Goharriz – Sister


Remarks: Only four of the above people have visiting right


[On the back of the card]

Visitation dates

[First visit is recorded 17 Farvardin 1362 (6 April 1983) and last visit is recorded 24 Morded 1363 (15 August 1984)]