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“I caution thee to fear Allah and manage your affairs with piety” - Imam Ali (peace be upon Him)


  1. Visitation rights will only be given to immediate family members (father, mother, sister, spouse, brother and children).
  2. The family of the detainee is responsible to keep and protect the admission card. In case of loss, a new card will not be issued.
  3. No visit shall be permitted without the card, under any circumstances.
  4. A photo birth certificate identification will be required along with the card.
  5. This card has no other value other than for visiting purposes.

Adelabad Prison – Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Shiraz, Ward One


In the Name of God

Prisons must turn to universities

(Imam Khomeini)

Visiting Card

Name: Akhtar

Family: Sabet Sarvestani

Father’s name: Hosein


Accusation: B

Visitors and their relationship:

Homa Sabet Sarvestani, Mother

Mozaffareddin Sabet Sarvestani, Brother

Shahdokht Sabet Sarvestani, Brother

Laghaieh Sabet Sarvestani, Sister

Varghaiyyeh Sabet Sarvestani, Sister

Talieh Sabet Sarvestani, Sister

Remarks:  Only four of the above people have visiting right


[Handwritten note at the top of the page]

In case of no photo with hijab visitation will not be allowed


Visitation Dates:

14 Farvardin 1362 [3 April 1983]

20 Farvardin 1362 [9 April 1983]

27 Farvardin 1362 [16 April 1983]

3 Ordibehesht 1362 [23 April 1983]

17 Ordibehesht 1362 [7 May 1983]

24 Ordibehesht 1362 [14 May 1983]

31 Ordibehesht 1362 [21 May 1983]

8 Khordad 1362 [29 May 1983]

14 Khordad 1362 [4 June 1983]

21 Khordad 1362 [11 June 1983]

28 Khordad 1362 [18 June 1983]


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