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Ministry of the Interior

Police Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran


In the Name of God,


From: Work and Training Centre of Ghezel Hesar

To: Respected Head of the Power Station of Shahriar

Subject ----

Phone -----

Number 12/391

Date 30/01/61 [19/04/1982]

Enclosure -----


This is to certify that in accordance with letter number 61/A-M-1381, [dated] 21/01/61 [10/04/1982] from the Assistant to the Prosecutor for the Execution of Orders of the Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Karaj, Mr Hezbollah Ighanian, son of Mohammad Ebrahim, was sentenced to 5.5 months’ imprisonment in this centre from 13/08/60 [4/11/1981] to 27/01/61 [16/04/1982], on the charge of being a follower of  Baha’ism.  In response to his written request, this certificate is given to him for the purpose of his pursuing his claims from that Power Station and does not have any other legal value.


Head of the Work and Training Centre of Ghezel Hesar, Colonel Afshar

From Colonel Karagah


[Official stamp] Prisons office of Iran