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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Minister’s Office


[File number] MDD-1724

30/11/1359[19 February 1981]


In the Name of God


Highly Confidential


Dear colleague, Mr. Hasan Khoshnevisan, the Head of the Department of Education, Tehran


Enclosed is Circular Number M-8439, [dated:] 26/11/59 [15 February 1981] from the Prime Minister and an attached form to be completed exactly as directed.


Minister of Education of Islamic Republic of Iran


Mohammad Javad Bahonar


[Official Stamp] Secretariat of Office Education Department [illegible] Tehran

No: 46734/2

Date: 12/12/1359 [3 March1981]


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

To personnel,

[This correspondence] should stay confidential at this stage.

12/12/1359 [03March1981]






Islamic Republic of Iran

Prime Minister’s Office


No: M-8439

Date: 26/11/59 [15 February 1981]



In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,


Circular to all Government Ministries, Universities, Banks, Government Agencies and Corporations, Municipalities and all Governments Affiliated Institutions and Factories,


It is necessary to order relevant authorities that, as of the date of enactment of the legal Bill for Cleansing and Purification and its attachments and further amendments, regarding all employees who have been dismissed or suspended without any remuneration by order of any authority and have not received any formal [dismissal] order from the relevant authorities as stipulated under the aforementioned Law, [you are directed] to act as follow:


1-Regarding official employees [who are employed] under the State Employment Act and Employment Conditions of Government Institutions, from the date that their salaries have been terminated they are to be treated as unassigned employees and you are to issue the necessary orders and pay their relevant salaries accordingly.


2- Regarding other government employees whose assignment for service under Employment Conditions has not been prescribed, they should be treated as per employees in clause 1.


3-If there is a Court ruling regarding permanent dismissal from government employment of any employees [who are the subject of] clause 1and 2 of this circular, all those employees must refund funds they received following the date of their dismissal.


4- Only a Minister or highest-ranking authority has the right to [provide] consent for the implementation of the terms mentioned in this circular.


Clearly, payments to the above individuals are on account and will continue until their situation has been determined and finalized in accordance with the Bill, which has been to presented by the government to the Islamic Consultative Assembly for approval and enactment.


Prime Minister

Mohamad-Ali Rajai