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Provisional Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Ministry of Education

Office of the Minister

In the Name of God


9 Dey 1358 [29 December 1979]


[To:] Dr. Abbas Kouhbor, Ataollah Gouran,

Pursuant to your letter dated 17 Azar 1358 [8 December 1979] regarding the employment situation of a group of university graduates who belong to the Baha’i community, we inform you of the following:

  1. The Ministry of Education, in its relationship to the Republic of Islamic Justice in Iran, which has been established through the sacrifice and giving of life and martyrdom of thousands of men and women who believe in the luminous religion of Islam, is obligated to carry out the teachings of the Quran and the Mohammadan religion in schools, and, in recognition of the blood of the martyrs, will not provide an opportunity—as was the case in the era of Taghout[1] during which the greatest efforts were expended to promote the corruption and impurity, weakening and diminishment of the luminous religion of Islam—or allow the followers of the Baha’i sect to be employed in academic units and, in this manner, defile and mislead the pure and innocent minds of the students, nor for them to be entrusted with the great and sensitive responsibility of educating the loved ones of our homeland.


  1. In view of this important principle—that the more the sacred atmosphere of education is kept clean and pure, to that extent will the schools become the dawning places of the divine light, and the teachers of true Prophethood—there is no doubt that we cannot provide, as was done in the past, for the Baha’i individuals to hold the educational affairs of the country in their hands.  If you remember how thousands of men and women, under the leadership of Islamic leaders and scholars, bore unspeakable hardship and withstood torture in terrifying places of exile, and how many of the youth fought for the homeland  and stood up in the face of such torture and injustice and ultimately drank the cup of martyrdom, you would realize in fairness that the sacred sites of education should not be defiled by being put in the hands of the Baha’i individuals, who take steps against the lofty interests of Islam in pursuit of promoting and propagating unseemly thoughts.


In closing, we remind you that employment of Iranian individuals in the government offices, unless they believe in one of the official religions of Islam, Judaism, Christianity or Zoroastrianism, is legally prohibited. Therefore, preventing the employment of the Baha’i university graduates is in accordance with the existing laws.


Mohammad-Ali Rajai - [Signature]

8 Dey 1358 [29 December 1979]

Minister of Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran



[1] [An idol, symbol of tyranny, symbolically referring to the Pahlavi king as a tyrant]