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Office of the Prime Minister


Number: 1725

Transcription date: 25/8/1323 [16 November 1944]

Registered date: 29/8/1323 [20 November 1944]


Mr. Mansour, the Governor General of the Ninth Province,


In connection with letter number 207, dated 15/8/1323 [6 November 1944], regarding the prevention of religious provocations and activities which are against the security and regulations, we advise that an inquiry has been made concerning the reason for the delay in issuing the response to [your] Governorate General from the Ministry of the Interior, and it was stressed that you ought to be informed about the decision of that Ministry. At the same time, and just for your information, a copy of Circular number 18208, dated 31/5/1323 [22 August 1944], of the Ministry of Justice Administration, regarding the prevention of religious and sectarian disputes and prosecution of the inciters has been issued to the courts and magistrate offices, and is enclosed for your attention.


Prime Minister


A copy of this letter, along with a copy of letter number 207 of 15/8/1323 [6 November 1944] of the Governorate General of the Ninth Province, is to be sent for attention and immediate action to the Ministry of the Interior. In the meanwhile, make an inquiry as to the reason that no action has been taken up to now in issuing an answer to the Governorate General of the Ninth Province.


Prime Minister


[Handwritten Note 1:] Dabiran, 24/8/1323 [15 November 1944]

[Handwritten Note 2:] Please issue a copy, 28/8/1323 [19 November 1944]

[Handwritten Note 3:] It is issued, 29/8/1323 [20 November 1944]