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The Ministry of the Interior,

Law Enforcement Office


Date: 6/8/1325 [28 October 1946]

Number: 57736/N/18751


His Excellency, the Prime Minister


Following report number 8931/5684/1, dated 16/7/1325 [8 October 1946], the National Police Force writes that according to report number 7640/6403/1, dated /18/7/1325 [10/October/1946], the Police Department arrested eight people accused of murdering Isa, a six-year-old child. They have been freed on bail and the file has been sent to the criminal court for investigation. Mr. Razi, as the attorney for the accused, has gone to Zahedan.


The Minister of the Interior, [signature on behalf of Fereidouni]


[Stamp: received in the Office of the Prime Minister, number: 28972, dated 6/8/1325 [28 October 1946]

[Handwritten:] Mr. Fakhraei 7/8/ [1325] [29 October 1946]

[Handwritten:] Background, 8/8/1325 [30 October 1946]