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Office of the Prime Minister


Number: 26787

Transcription date: 14 Shahrivar 1325 [5 September 1946]

Registration date: 21 Shahrivar 1325 [12 September 1946]


Ministry of the Interior,


We enclose herewith a copy of a detailed report from Mr. Ali-Akbar Furutan, the secretary of the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is, and its enclosures, regarding the seditious actions incited by a group of troublemakers in different areas of the Seventh Province against the Baha’is. A while ago, he wrote another report, which was brought to your attention under letters numbered 23267 and 24543. Please order an investigation to be carried out, while taking into account the history of the incidents, and if happens that such incidents have indeed taken place, the perpetrators and offenders must be prosecuted according to normal procedure and you must report the outcome.


Prime Minister


[Handwritten Note:] 20/6/[1325] [11 September 1946], for copying