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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Culture and Higher Education

Educational Measurement and Evaluation Organization (EMEO)


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The Honourable Director General of the Office of Technical and Vocational Schools of Higher Education, Ministry of Education



With reference to letter 450/10870, dated 30/8/1374 [21 November 1995], regarding Pejman Fallah, [this]  is to inform [you] that (?only)  applicants[who meet the] criteria [of] belonging to one of the country’s official religions (Islam, Judaism, Christianity, or Zoroastrianism) have the right to register and participate in the entrance examinations for Universities and [other] Institutions of Higher Education.


Hossein Tavvakkoli

Executive Assistant


[handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

Mr. Arin Far,  Please communicate with Shiraz with respect to preventing the registration of the (?above) named individual.



21/9/1374 [12 December 1995]

[handwritten note on the top of the page]

Mr Saidi – [Date] 20/9/1374 [11 December 1995]


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