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The difficult task of overseeing the enforcement of the Constitution[1]

[Section 7, Minorities]


[Page:] 614


In the Name of God


Number 78-4698

Dated 30 Mordad 1378 [21 August 1999]


Hojjatol-Islam Dr. Rouhani

Esteemed Secretary of the Supreme Council for National Security




Report number M/78-910, dated 26 Mordad 1378 [17 August 1999], issued by the Committee for Investigation and Oversight of Enforcement of the Constitution, and its attachments, with the topic “Complaints by Individuals and Groups, Particularly the Unofficial Religious Minorities, Regarding the Violation of Article 28 of the Constitution”, a copy of which is attached, was brought to the attention of the esteemed president.  He has annotated the letter as follows:


“Dr. Rouhani,


Given that this issue is being discussed by the Secretariat in some way, it is necessary that the contents of this letter be considered, as well.  In my opinion, the Constitution is the inviolable foundation and the basis for maintaining order in society, and adherence to keeping the order of the Islamic Republic, namely the responsibility to fully enforce this covenant, is universal.  As also indicated by the text, the opinion of the Imam (rest in peace) is not in any way contrary to following the law.  In particular, if we consider the repeated and serious emphasis by his holiness on the need to respect the rule of law, he has clearly deemed it mandatory to follow the policies and directives of the government in this case, as well.  In the meantime, if necessary, the matter can be brought to the attention of the great leader, so that we could have his highness’s opinion, as well; although, if the matter is already clear, based on existing policies and standards (and in my opinion, it is not that unclear), precise enforcement of the Constitution and other laws is necessary, and it does not need to wait.”


Sayyed Mohammad-Ali Abtahi



  • Dr. Mehrpour

[Legal counsel] for the president and head of Investigation and Oversight of Enforcement of the Constitution



[1] [From a book: Vaẓífih Dushvár-i Niẓárat bar Ijráíh Qánún-i Asásí, Majmú‘ih Mukátibát va Naẓaríát Ḥuqúqí Hía’t-i Paígírí va Niẓárat bar Ijráíh Qánún-i Asásí 13761384 (1997-2006). Dr. Ḥusyn Mirpúr, Tehran, Thálith Publication, 1384 (2005)]