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The difficult task of overseeing the enforcement of the Constitution[1]

[Section 7, Minorities]

[Page:] 625


Orders to confiscate the property of some minorities


In the Name of God


Number 3167

Dated 10 Tir 1380 [1 July 2001]


His Honour Ayatollah Shahroudi

Esteemed Head of the Judiciary


With greetings and wishes for your success


We hereby attach a copy of the letter number Y-D 1773 dated 15 Aban 1397 [5 November 2000] from the Islamic Revolutionary court, which stipulates that the land and properties of some individuals have been confiscated on the grounds of their adherence of specific sect and because they have migrated to Isfahan.  For illustration, we send you the complaint letter sent to the Committee by one of the individuals among tens of people [whose property] has been confiscated, so that you could issue any necessary orders for action to be taken in accordance with the Constitution and other approved ordinances.


Hosein Mehrpour


[Legal Counsel] of President and Head of Investigation and Oversight of Enforcement of the Constitution




Hojjatol-Islam, Mr. Abtahi, Head of the Office of the President, for information



[1] [From a book: Vaẓífih Dushvár-i Niẓárat bar Ijráíh Qánún-i Asásí, Majmú‘ih Mukátibát va Naẓaríát Ḥuqúqí Hía’t-i Paígírí va Niẓárat bar Ijráíh Qánún-i Asásí 13761384 (1997-2006). Dr. Ḥusyn Mirpúr, Tehran, Thálith Publication, 1384 (2005)]