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The Difficult Task of Monitoring Constitutional Compliance[1]

[Section 7, Minorities]

[Page:] 606


In the Name of God


Number 78-8988

Dated 9 Dey 1378 [30 December 1999]


Hojjatol-Islam Mousavi-Lari, esteemed Minister of the Interior

Minister of the Interior

Hojjatol-Islam Saddughi

Esteemed Assistant to the President for Legal and [Islamic Consultative] Assembly’s Affairs


Letter number M/78-1232, dated 4 Dey 1378 [25 December 1999], of the Committee for Investigating and Overseeing the Enforcement of the Constitution, and its attachments regarding the refusal of the Notary Public’s Office’s to register the marriages of the followers of unofficial religions and [also record it in] their birth certificates, a copy of which is enclosed, were presented to the respected president.  In response he wrote:

“Respected Messrs. Saddughi and Mousavi-Lari, please give serious attention to resolving this issue and report the results.”

Seyyed Mohammad-Ali Abtahi


Dr. Mehrpour

Esteemed [Legal] Counsel to the President and Head of the Committee for Investigation and Overseeing the Enforcement of the Constitution


[1] From a book: The Difficult Task of Monitoring Constitutional Compliance- Vazifeh Doshvar-e Nezarat bar Ejraeh Ghanoon-e Asasee 1376 – 1384 (1997-2006). Dr. Hosein Mehrpour, Tehran, Saales Publication, 1384 (2005)