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In the Name of God,

From: Area-J [Gendarmerie[1]]-Khuzestan

To: Commander of Area- J [Gendarmerie] - Isfahan

Subject: Baha’is residing in Boyer-Ahmad Sofla


Number: _______

Date: __________

Enclosure: ______


“Telegram on New Findings”

In concurrence with instructions received from the Iranian National Gendarmerie [Police] regarding the request of the Baha’i residents of Boyer-Ahmad Sofla, who had moved to Margh, Isfahan, owing to disputes with locals from Bayer-Ahmad Sofla (jurisdiction of Behbahan Regiment), they now intend to return to their own residences.  Under the circumstances, so as to prevent unpredictable conflicts we have instructed that one Commissioned-officer and three Enlisted-officers of Behbahan Regiment be assigned to accompany them from Margh, Isfahan, to their villages.  Kindly issue appropriate instructions to the police stations along the way to cooperate.

Division Colonel-Safdarian


07/03/1358 [28 May 1979]-10027-04-6-198


  1. 20F – We convey to you a copy of the claimants’ complaint.  Please issue instructions to assign one Commissioned-officer and three Enlisted-officers to accompany the Baha’is of Boyer-Ahmad Sofla from Margh, Isfahan, to their own residences.  Kindly report on the outcome in order that we may so inform Headquarters.
  2. Mr. Eshghollah Ravanbakhsh, response dated 07/03/1358 [28 May 1979]


Iranian National Gendarmerie [Police]


[1] [Police Force]