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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Jomhuri-e Eslami

[Date:] Saturday 10 Bahman 1360 [4 Rabi’ath-Thani 1402] [30 January 1982]

[Issue No:] 773, Third year

[Page:] 11


It was stated at the Friday prayer [service]:

Friday Imam of Shiraz Made Statement in Relation to Israel, United Nations, Bahaism, Budget and Basij


Shiraz – Jomhuri-e Eslami Correspondent: The splendour prayer of this week, as in the previous weeks, was carried out at the Shah-Cheragh Square with Hojjatol-Eslam Sheikh Mohiyaddin Haeri-Shirazi as the imam [of prayer]. He stated in part of his sermon, “Now in the region, there are two types of confrontation with Israel, one is superficial, is just to keep people busy, which is done by the Arab countries of the region; the other, according to the specific text of the Quran, if they conquered an area, we must conquer them in the same way. If your throat is gripped [to strangle you], grip their throat, and if they take your land, take their land. The answer of the United Nations to the Israeli troops invading the Golan Heights is just to keep the people busy. The United Nations is one of the elements of deceit in the hands of the super powers; it is a means to make the people momentarily happy, just to quell the uproar of the people against oppression and ungodly [actions], [and they do it] by the talks carried out at the United Nations. The United Nations, [in order] to suppress the anger of the people who have been bombarded, [provides a] few talks, in order to [lessen] the bereavement of the people. The United Nations answers those people who question their governments by saying that, “for cruelties and pressures committed [by Israel], we have condemned Israel at the United Nations.”


In another part of his sermon, he stated that first we have to destroy the influence of Israel among ourselves. Now in this country, we do not have and will not have Jewish capitalism. We have cleansed the Baha’ism from the offices in order to shut down the espionage nest of Israel, and this is the decisive answer of our nation to them. In another part, he stated, “In this year, government has been able to take the next year’s whole budget to the Parliament, and this is an indication that in the last six months, strong steps have been taken to establish the foundations of the policies of an independent future”. At the end, he added that, “I too will register in Basij and will obey my superior.”