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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Official Website of Khaneh Kheshti of Rafsanjan

[Date:] 11 Azar 1393 [2 December 2014]


The Baha’i Sect Debate Is the Topic of the Day and Should Be Addressed

According to the Khaneh Kheshti reporter, Hojatoleslam Ramazanipour, in the meeting of the administrative council of Rafsanjan City this morning, mentioned that the people were satisfied with the services of the officials and said, “I hope these services will be a provision for you.”

Abbas Ramazanipour, referring to verses from the Holy Quran, expressed the way of God in the same way as it is mentioned in the Holy Quran as the law of Islam, and said that hindrance of it leads to losing the true way.

He blamed the spread of the Baha’i sect in Rafsanjan for the lack of proper information. He said, “For a long time, Jews have been present in our city and sometimes they have done political work and sent revenues to help Israel.”

Hojatoleslam Ramazanipour called the Baha’i rule worse than [that of] the Jews. He said, “The issue of the Baha’i sect is a topic of the day and should be addressed, because they are a political sect, which springs from the school of Sheikhism.”

The Friday prayer leader of Rafsanjan pointed to the emergence of Baha’ism as the continuation of the path of Sheikhism and its baseless and anti-Islamic beliefs; he added in this regard that there were followers of this sect and that they also have carried out some activities.

Referring to the Baha’is as a major impurity, he said that, according to the fatwas[1] of the authorities, any communication with them is religiously prohibited. He added, “In previous years, if our hands were free according to the law, and they were dealt with according to the rule of Islam, they would not have been widespread like this, and they would not have introduced Baha’ism as a religion.”

Pointing to the contradictory activities of the Baha’is, Hojatoleslam Abbas Ramazanipour said, “This group had become so daring that they thought of themselves as a power and had even taken a large plot of land to build a cemetery, which was taken back by the measures of the esteemed mayor.”

Addressing the heads of departments, he said, “You should be careful. Prior to the performance of any work, [you should] carry out research and study, and after a thorough investigation, do something for them [Baha’is].”

In the end, Ramazanipour mentioned the holding of a memorial service for the martyred commanders of the city on the 15th of October, in the presence of Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami.

Hojatoleslam Ali Hashemian, referring to the anniversary ceremony of the late Friday prayer leader of Rafsanjan with the presence of Imam Khomeini’s memorial, while inviting all those present, announced, “This ceremony will be held with the presence of state officials in Rafsanjan in the evening of 20 Azar [11 December 2014].



[1] [Fatwa:  Religious injunction judgment, judicial decree or sentence]