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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Post-e Tehran

[Date:] 20 Tir 1334 [12 July 1955]

[Issue No.:] 624


The Interior Minister Gave a Report to the Parliament on the Fight Against the Baha’i Sect

Fight against the Baha’is

Ahmad Safaei –  I have asked the Ministry of Interior about the Baha’is and wanted to hear from the minister of the interior where they have reached in the struggle against this sect and to follow up the fight and dismiss the Baha’i employees, and also wanted to know…

Mir Ashrafi – How would you answer these questions now?

The minister of interior – It is necessary to inform the respected gentlemen that the government, as  I have informed the parliament previously, according to its legal obligation, has prevented any propaganda that is against the Constitution, and Baha’is are no exception to this rule.

Mir Ashrafi – Why have they [announced] the reconstruction of the House of the Seyyed Ali Mohammad the Bab in Shiraz?

Minister of interior – I am informing you that their propaganda has been banned everywhere (It is correct – Excellent).

The legal situation of those expressing their belief in what is considered as contrary to [the] religion [of Islam], has been stipulated in accordance with Articles 8 and 2 of the National Employment Law, approved on 22 Azar 1313 [13 December 1934], and in Articles 1 and 5 of the Employment Law of the Judges, approved on 25 Esfand 1306 [16 March 1928], which, of course, has been considered and respected by this government and will also be respected in the future. But one point that I want to inform the National Consultative Assembly of is that taking action in this regard requires maintaining order and calm (It is correct).

For this reason, a clear and strict order has been issued to law enforcement officers and other state officials, to strictly prevent any acts of disorder that disturb the public order and tranquillity (Excellent) and severely punish the violators of any category [that there might be].

Safaei- But as long as people do not slander.

We Are Approved By the Parliament

The Minister of Interior- In this case, too, we do not neglect the slightest. If the government deems it necessary and National Assembly approves it, the government will also take measures at times to maintain order and calm. (It is correct)

Ghanatabadi- But provided that people were shot in front of the house of Seyyed Mohammad Ali [Seyyed Ali Mohammad] the Bab. 

Your Reputation is Gone.

Minister of Interior- They are not shot

Ghanatabadi- No government action is approved…

This gentleman that is called Arsene Lupin in this country, collected all the money and instead of paying taxes and doing productive work, sent the money abroad. Now as soon as, this question has been discussed he has fled to Europe and is sending some of this money to Acre which is not inspired by Iran.

These propaganda against us, is done with the same money in the foreign newspapers. In the Swiss and British newspapers, articles are written against the Shah and Grand Ayatollah Borujerdi, who are respected by the general public.

Gentlemen, please investigate, the issue of these land was a matter made and created by the Baha’is who did not believe in anything.

When we researched these currents, we saw that, most of these were Jews who had become Baha’i and had created this situation

This person does not have education, as much as an elementary period. He sits and gives money and instigates.…

The recognized minorities are respected by us. But will the United States [of America] allow a single tax office for the Communist Party, to start operating in its own country? In our country, they trade, practice medicine and do not pay taxes. This is not right since they are forsaking the Iranians. The same person that I am mentioning was the one who was provoking. He said that he would spend ten million to provoke. I request the government to pay attention [Excellent, excellent) …

Dr. Jazayeri -First of all, there should be no misunderstanding that, I say that taxes should be collected from the Baha’is, rather, I say that everyone should be taxed…