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[Newspaper:] Post-e Tehran

[Date:] 31 Ordibehesht 1335 [21 May 1956]

[Issue No.:] 914


Trial of 44 Accused of Murdering Baha’is of Yazd Enters New Phase

The prosecutor asked for three to ten years’ imprisonment with hard labour for the accused.

Defence of the lawyers of the families of the murder victims ended.

The trial of 44 individuals accused of murdering seven Baha’is in Yazd entered a new phase on Tuesday.

In this trial, which continues in Branch 1 of the Supreme Criminal Court, presided over by Mr. Nematollahi, and under the advisory of Messrs. Rahbari Tabasi, Forough and Kiani, 44 peasants from the Village of Sakhvand, a sub-region of Yazd, are accused of having murdered seven Baha’is from their village, one of them female, on Mordad of last year.

The motive for murder, as reflected in their file records, was an ongoing dispute between parties over ownership of the trees and water of the village. The accused had also complained that Baha’is should not have the right to use the public bath, and since there was only one bathhouse in the village, and there was no legal reason for the Baha’is not to use it, there was an ongoing dispute between them which culminated in this incident.

In the previous session, the defence lawyers representing the complainants asked the court for the punishment of the accused. The prosecutor, Mr. Khodaverdian, after detailing the crime for the panel of judges, asked for the punishment of the accused pursuant to the amended Article 175 of the Public Penal Code.

At the previous session, one of the lawyers for the accused had defended his clients.