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Ministry of Finance

Accounting Department

General Ordinance

Number: 164/18

Date: 7 Mordad 1323 [29 July 1944]


According to the recent information and reports by the Ministry of Finance, some of the employees spend their working time discussing political or religious issues instead of engaging more dedicatedly than ever in their own duties, especially in this difficult and important period of the country, while they well know that office time should be strictly focused on the assigned duties, to have the tasks accomplished on time and performed in the best way, and not to waste the office time by engaging in the previously mentioned matters, or even discussing recruitment and dismissal of the employees showing discrimination from political or religious points of view! The employees of the Ministry of Finance and related sections, in whatever position they may be, are equal before the authorities of this Ministry, no matter their political or religious affiliation, as long as such points of view are not considered as contrary to the rights, the constitution, and/or other national laws. In order to prevent the partisan views mentioned above from being discussed in future, the following observations are issued:

  1. General directors and heads of independent offices, as well as the office managers and the related departments under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance or other related offices, are personally responsible to be vigilant in the performance of the duty of their employees, their conversations, and their activities during office time, so that political and religious points of view, as pointed out above, will not prevail. [They should be] especially cognizant that such views should not, under any circumstances, influence recruitment or dismissal of the employees and distribution of work.
  2. The party at fault, regardless of the position occupied, will be dealt by the application of Article 8 of the Public Service Employment Act mentioned below.

Article 8 of the Public Service Employment Act:

Article 8: Employees should, within the limits of the proposed laws and established disciplines, obey the orders and instructions of their superiors. Showing partisan political views within the administrative affairs, and propagation against the official religion of the country or against the national government is strictly prohibited and will be the cause of dismissal.


The Minister of Finance

General Manager of Finance

Copy for taking action is communicated to…..

Head of the Correspondence and Archives Department

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