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Ministry of the Interior

The Governorate of Zabol


Dated: 9 Farvardin 1323 [29 March 1944]

Number: 209


Confidential, Eyes only


The Ministry of the Interior, Political Division


In reference to [letter number] 6987/61903 – 6 Bahman 1322 [27 January 1944], and as was stated in [letter lumber] 120- 9 Mehr 1322 [2 October 1943], the residents of Zabol have been generally worried, and are pessimistic about the arrival of Baha’i people.  A while ago, a number of open activities on the part of those Baha’is were witnessed, which were immediately [stopped] by the police force, and a preliminary file was prepared for their prosecution, which was sent to the office of the Public Prosecutor of Zabol. However, since no punishments in law [have been forecast] for such people, and regardless of how much it was pursued through the legal system, because promoting a religion was not a crime.  They [Baha’is] did not learn [from this] and they continue their (propagation) activities. We request that in the event of enactment [of a law preventing propagation of their religion] a general order be issued to pursue them through the legal system.


The Governor of Zabol,

Khazimeh [Signature]


[Stamp; Ministry of the Interior, Political Division, number: 1058, dated: 14 Ordibehesht 1323 (4 May 1944)]

[Handwritten 1]: Background, 14 Ordibehesht [1323]

[Handwritten 2]: Please hold, waiting to receive a response in relation to this situation

[Handwritten 3]: file it