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(In the Name of God, the Exalted)


401/75/107 - 19/6/1362 [9 September 1983]


From: The Gendarmerie of Kiasar

To: The respectable Governor's Office of Chahardangeh


Subject: The Baha'is of Ivel



With reference to the letter dated 103- [dated] 18/6/1362 [8 September 1983], and in obedience to the instructions of the Court of Sari, dated 18/6/1362 [8 September 1983], concerning the views of the local people on return of the Baha'is, we went to Ivel. Upon inquiry from some of the elders at the mosque on the issue, it became clear that the Muslim community in Ivel and surrounding villages are not only still adamant about their decision against letting the Baha'is return to that village, but are even more determined than before. If the opposition to the Baha'is were only one individual, upon trouble, that person could be arrested by the authorities, but given that all Muslims in Ivel and the surrounding villages are of the same mind, it is an impossible task to convince them not to harass the Baha’is, and such task is beyond the capability of the gendarmerie. Therefore, considering the above, the gendarmerie cannot guarantee their safety in any shape or form, were they to return. The respected Friday Imam, Governor of Kiasar, and other authorities in charge who are familiar with this issue will surely testify to this fact as well. Hence, it appears that their return to Ivel is not advisable, and in regard to their fate the competent authorities must find a fundamental solution. Should the relevant authorities believe that a solution is available, kindly instruct that them to take charge of the matter.


Commander in Chief of Gendarmerie – Sergeant Major Sedaghat



1- The Public Court in the town of Sari, with reference to the letter dated 17/6/1362 [7 September 1983] and the letter dated 12/6/1362 [2/9/1983] sent to the gendarmerie of [illegible] for information .


2- To the gendarmerie of [illegible], for information and action