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In the Name of God

Police Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Final Official Report


Number: -----

Date: ----


In the Name of God

The Report Was Prepared on 24 Bahman 1391 [12 February 2013]

Respectfully, [I wish to inform you that] at 3:00 p.m. on the above-mentioned date, pursuant to the order of the esteemed judicial official, and according to letter No. 9110111992100856 of 17 Aban 1391 [7 November 2012] containing the complaint of Hosein Sabetian Iveli, I, Third Lieutenant Reza Bakoui, the commander-in-chief of the Telma Darreh Police Station, accompanied by Third Lieutenant Seyyed Ali-Reza Sanaeifar, went to the Village of Ivel to investigate the accused, the witnesses and the informants.

According to the statements made, the local residents, the elders and the [members of the] Local Council all said they were unaware of and considered all the claims of Mr. Hosein Sabetian and the others as a pure and baseless lie, which is not true. Also, the defendants were investigated and stated that they had not posed any threat or obstruction regarding the planting or harvesting of agricultural lands and that the plaintiffs’ claims were not true. Therefore, the report has been signed in the presence of those present%.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Police Station of Poshtkuh

Third Lieutenant Bakoui [Signature]

Patrol Officer of the Police Station of Poshtkuh

Third Lieutenant Sanaeifar [Signature]

[Stamp of the Islamic Council of the Village of Ivel]

[Signature of a few people]