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Ministry of the Interior,

Governorate General of the Third Province

Register No. of Book: 1969/3552

Date of Issuing: 6 Esfand 1322 [26 February 1944]



The Office of Gendarmerie of Tabriz,

Azarshahr Police Headquarters reports that, on the fourth of the current month [24 February 1944] close to two thousand inhabitants, with the aim of plundering the houses of the Baha’is, had gathered together and approximately three hundred of them had attacked the houses of Hosein Chitsaz and Balazadeh, who are Baha’is. They were busy plundering and setting fire to the household properties, when the law and order agents arrived and stopped them and the fire was put out, and 16 of the perpetrators, headed by a person by the name of Hossain, were arrested.

The reason for the incident was the sermon given by Mirza Mohsen, a clergyman at the mosque, who incited the people against the Baha’is. The incident was immediately reported to the gendarmerie. Colonel Amir Parviz had approached the area, and with the help of the gendarmes and the police agents, restored calm and stability.

Meanwhile, as a result of the inhabitants’ [hitting] two Baha’i women with sticks, they were slightly injured. Regarding the losses and the conditions of the houses of the two mentioned Baha’is, a report has been prepared with the presence of the heads of the departments. [A report of] the matter is submitted herewith for your information, and directives are expected.

Acting Director of the Police Headquarters of the Third Province,



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