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In the Name of God

Subject: Baha’is of Ivel



19 Shahrivar 1362 [10 September 1983]


From: The Police Office – Kiasar

To: Deputy Governor’s Office of Chahardangeh


With reference to letter number 103, dated 18 Shahrivar 1362 [9 September 1983], and in executing the instructions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Sari County, dated 18 Shahrivar 1362 [9 September 1983], and in order to learn about the views of the local population regarding the return of the Baha’is to Ivel, after summoning the elders of the area to the mosque and discussing the matter with them,  it became apparent that the Muslim communities in Ivel and the surrounding villages remain even more determined in their decision to prevent Baha’is from  returning to their villages.  Since the opposition to the Baha’is [does not come from] a single individual, it is not possible to arrest and charge them all in case of harassment after the arrival of the Baha’is in the village.  The [opposition] includes Muslim residents of Ivel and of a few surrounding villages, and the task of convincing them to refrain from causing trouble for the Baha’is remains impossible; [it] is not within the capabilities of the police.  Therefore, given the above-mentioned situation, the police cannot guarantee [the] safety [of the Baha’is] upon [their] return.  The respected imam and the Deputy Governor’s Office of Kiasar, and other authorities who are aware of this situation, can attest to this fact.  In accordance with the above explanation, it is not advisable for [the Baha’is] to return, and hence relevant authorities should think of a fundamental solution for their future.  Should the authorities be of the view that this is possible, they can take the necessary action themselves.

Chief of Police of Kiasar, First Lieutenant Sedaghat [signature]



1 – Public Court in Sari County, with reference to letter dated 17 Shahrivar 1362 [8 September 1983] and letter dated 12 Shahrivar 1362 [3 September 1983], sent to the Police Office in Orost for information.

2 – Orost Police Station, for information and follow up