[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Police Force of Iran

Form, decoding message/encrypted message

Form A-071

(1) Date of receipt at the message centre ----- Message Centre number 26, mode of transmission.-----word count.-----


[Official stamp with number and date]

2/437– [date:] 30/1/1359 [19 April 1980]

(2) From: Ahvaz

To: Head of Law Enforcement – Khorramshahr

Classification. -----

Priority ----- sender----- receiver

Press announcement:

01/22/2/26/23 - [date:] 28/1/1359 [17 April 1980], deputy of the Law Enforcement Office, Ahvaz. As per telegram 32563 - [date:] 23/1/1359 [12 April 1980], of the Law Enforcement Personnel Office of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Constable: Eradat Golshan 3/470 has been dismissed from service, due to being a Baha’i, as of 15/1/1359 [4 April 1980]. Please report the termination date and confiscate his identity card and medical health insurance booklet.

(3) Level \ name and position of the message decoder.-----

Telephone-----page-----from -----page-----

Level \ name and position of the signatory:  Personnel, in reference to the circular relating to the centre [illegible]....

Date and signature [illegible] the same telegram [illegible] has also been sent to the centre to follow up to [illegible] record.


 (4) Level – name and signature of the telegram operator

Sender: Khodadadi

Receiver: Rabiee

Date and time of the end of the transmission [illegible]

Part (1) is completed by the message centre (2 and 3), telegram operator or the typist.  The dotted lines in the [illegible] part [indicate] the coded group.