[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God

The force of faith conquers all other forces

(Imam Khomeini)


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of the Interior

Police Force of Iran

[Official stamp]

Telephone -----

Number -----

Date -----

Attachment -----


From: Identity Verification Department (Fingerprints Section)

To: The Esteemed head of the Office of Criminal Records

Regarding: Paridokht Khazeh, daughter of Khodabaksh, birth certificate number [redacted], born in 1310 [1931]

The above-mentioned individual has applied for police clearance.  She was arrested for Baha’i espionage under Charge number 2/22634/261, [date] 25/05/1363 [16 August 1984].  Retrieved from Interrogations Section of  the Central Office of the Revolutionary Prosecutor  sector ….. :

She has been detained and as per letter number ……..  bail ………….. released.

Please issue order for the necessary course of action to be taken.

Head of Identity Verification Department, Colonel Nejabati

From Colonel Moein Vaziri


[Handwritten note, number and date at the top of the page]

14/11485 date 18/12/1364 [09 March 1986]

[Handwritten note and date on the back of the page]

In the Name of God

The allegation of Baha’i espionage is correct

[Signature over seal]

28/12/1364 [19 March 1986]

[Official stamp]