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Ministry of the Interior,

National Police Force,

Head Office Division 7


Date: 10 Tir 1325 [1 July 1946]

Number: 2827


Confidential, Eyes only




Honourable Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior,


In accordance with telegraphic request number 799 of the Mashhad Police, and the enclosed report of the Police of Birjand, the following is hereby submitted:


On the 9thof the current month [30 June 1946], a number of people intended to attack Baha’i homes. The agitators were summoned to the Police Station;, [however] as a result [of this action], a crowd of about five thousand people later attacked the Baha’i homes destroying the furniture and subsequently attacked the police and the gendarmes with the intention of seizing their weapons. To defend themselves and disperse the crowd, officers discharged their firearms with the result that, four people were shot and injured. They were taken to the medical centre to be attended to. With the approval of the Governor General, Major Jahanbin, [who is] Head of the Police Inspectorate of Mashhad, as well as the representative of the General Governorate, have been dispatched to Birjand to investigate the matter.


Head, National Police,

Brigadier General Saffari,



[Handwritten Note: 1] To be filed for now.

[Handwritten Note: 2] Number 1719, 30 Mordad 1325 [21 August 1946]