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Ministry of the Interior;

Police Headquarters

Office: General Office

Number: 8405

Date: 11 Aban 1323 [2 November 1944]



Confidential – Direct


The Honourable Mr. Prime Minister,

The following is telegraphic report number 291 from the Police Office of Hamedan:

On the fourth of the current month, a series of handwritten night letters, printed with pencil and carbon paper without address [was prepared] by [some] individuals.  The letters were distributed in the city, inviting people to [join] the Baha’i faith. They were immediately collected, and the [identity] of the author was sought. On the sixth day of the current month, again, a couple of night-leaflets, containing a few pages, were distributed in town, which called the Muslims to rise up against the Baha’is, and those were collected. Also, Gholam Hossein Lashkari Dabagh, a local resident of Hamadan, was arrested on the same day. He had asked for some dough from the baker’s shop, to stick the leaflets on the walls [of the city]. He was arrested while engaged in the act of posting the leaflets, and has been interrogated. The case is currently under investigation by the prosecutor’s office, and the above-mentioned person has been detainedHence, for information, the matter is reported.

Chief of the Police Headquarters - Brigadier General, Seif



[Handwritten number & date on the bottom of the page :]

Number 1876 

2 Azar1323 [23 November 1944]

[Handwritten note & date on the bottom of page:]

Mr. Dabiran,

22 Azar 1323 [13 December 1944]