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Ministry of the Interior

National Police Force Headquarters


Number: 2176/13415/-1

Date: 12/1/1326 [2 April 1947]


His Excellency, the Prime Minister,


Further to report number 11915/19301/1 - 27/11/1325 [16 February 1947] - I respectfully bring to your attention that the Police Force of Zanjan reported that three City-Post letters were delivered recently through the postal services, addressed to Mr. Ismail Eghbali, the head of the Office of Personnel in the Department of Finance, and Dr. Samandari, who are both Baha’is. These letters threatened them that they would be murdered, and gave them notice to meet immediately with Sheikh Ali, the preacher in the mosque, and leave the city. On 16/11/1325 [5 February 1947], the governor showed the letters to the head of the police force and the military governor, and gave them instructions on finding the writers of those letters. He also ordered that Sheikh Ali, the preacher, who had recently entered Zanjan and preaches in the pulpits against Baha’is, creating sedition, be deported from the city during the night, and the military governor became responsible to do that. Concerning the matter of discovering the writers of the letters, some actions were taken by the police force and Farajollah Vasigh, the inspector of the Department of Finance, was identified as the writer of the “City-Post [letters] to the head of the Office of Personnel” of the aforementioned department and his file was sent to the Public Prosecutors Office [for prosecution]. The writer of the letter to Dr. Samandari has not been identified [yet] and the issue is under investigation.


As no actions were taken by the military governor about the deportation of Sheikh Ali, the preacher, the mentioned police force wrote to the mentioned governor. They responded that the police force knew what to do[1] and the Governorate was ready to help. On the other hand, the mentioned Sheikh Ali, instead of preaching in the pulpits, made a speech and insulted some of the religious leaders. [As a result], he was summoned to the police station, and during an interview, Haji Hosein-Ali, the delegate of Zolfaghari, came to the station and was requested not to bother him [Sheikh Ali] as he would be leaving the city within two days, which he did. Now, in the city, except for the formation of the Islamic party and its deceitful activities, there are no other issues [to report].


On behalf of the head of the National Police Force, Colonel Hesam Vaziri [signature]


[Handwritten note 1:] Previous

[Handwritten note 2:] Report has been brought to the attention of His Honour. Up to now, it has not entered the book and not been investigated 17/1/1326-[7 April 1947]

[Handwritten note 3:] Noted.



[1] [Vague sentence]